clinical consultation & supervision

clinical supervision

are you a masters-level counselling student who is ready to begin their practicum? having supported several students through their practicums and into the field, i've got many years of experience in clinical supervision. i've also received clinical supervision foundations training through city university in canada. i take on one student at a time for a journey of about 10 months together, so please reach out well in advance if you're curious about a placement. my work focuses on gender, sexuality, eating disorders, and social justice issues. the modalities upon which i most frequently draw include somatic, narrative, and dialectical behavioural therapies. priority is given to students whose interests align with these.

case consultation

are you a counsellor or therapist who's already working and wants to consult on cases? i'm available for this on an ongoing or case-by-case basis. the difference between clinical supervision and case consultation is that with consultation, you're free to follow my suggestions or not as you see fit, whereas with supervision i am directly responsible for the supervisee's work. it's an important distinction, as in common parlance the word supervision is often used for what is actually consultation. my areas of focus include gender, sexuality, eating disorders, and social justice issues. i work from a predominantly somatic perspective, drawing from other therapies when relevant and useful. if the guidance you seek is out of my scope, i'm glad to provide referrals to other professionals. 

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